Thursday, April 21, 2005


I'm not even 48 hours away from taking membership vows at my church, and what did i get in the mail today but a letter saying that now I have to work in the nursery in 3 weeks! WHAT?! How'd that get snuck in there?

And get this: guess who didn't get any letter in the mail. Andrea. That's right--the one who really likes kids; the one who scored high on mercy and service for her spiritual gifts; the one who actually wants to work in the nursery.

I, however, scored a 1 on mercy. 1. And i think i cheated at that.


rob said...

Bwahahahahaha! You are literally "joining the club".

But since we believe in predestination, you can't say "no" to them. Dang tulip.

Brian said...

Sounds like a dumb requirement to me. Church is not about a bunch of requirements, it's about God. Don't they know that?

Patricia said...

Welcome to the miserable world of having to do the nursery, not just once, but 4 TIMES A YEAR!!!!!

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Yuck, I eventually quit nursery duty. Other people's snotty nosed, puffy, red-faced kids disgust me. It was making me not want kids of my own so I threw in the towel. You could try that excuse.

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The Smoker said...

Dang, I seen that comment on another blog, too. It's like some form of mass advertising through posting ambiguously complimentary comments. Wierd.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that I wandered here, and dig your blog. Nothing can be more noble than pursuing knowledge of our Creator, although I don't know specifically how RTS does it. Anyways...

Blog On!!

Anonymous said... you became a little presbyterian after all. We Baptists, not believing in the nursery or otherwise...will still give you the CHOICE to serve the wee little rug rats.......I mean blessed children of God!