Thursday, April 21, 2005


i got this new coconut lotion yesterday, and now it smells like the beach is following me wherever i go.

chick-fil-a.......a greasy beach (with french fries)

i've always thought someone should make a lotion that smells like a big juicy steak.


rob said...

On Seinfeld, Kramer made a cologne that smelled like the beach.

For what it's worth, he also invented a coffee table book of coffee tables.

Anonymous said...

Did you know there is a candel at Bath & Bodyworks that smells like mashed potatoes? It is SO GROSS!! I asked the lady that works there if people actually bought something like that. She said "All the time!". So weird!

Anonymous said...

I thought you hated the beach!!! that must be torture. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't know about a big juicy steak, but if you eat bar-b-que that stuff permeates through your body and out of your skin. No matter how much I wash up, I can smell it on and in me for hours after eating it. I don't know if that's good (because I love the taste) or bad (because it feels like you're still dirty/stained with the sauce).