Sunday, June 5, 2005


it´s been a while, so here´s an update.

1) i graduated
2) i still have classes to finish
3) i got less sleep after graduating than before
4) i´m writing you from europe

that´s right, folks. i´m here in Reutte, Austria typing on a german keyboard and inhaling second hand smoke by the minute.

i´m just finishing the first of three weeks of my european adventure. in case i don´t get a chance to update more frequently, here are some highlights:

-was glared at by the french police (who were carrying machine guns)
-walked all the way around (and under) the Arc de Triumph in Paris and managed, somehow, to miss this national landmark
-nearly got ripped off by the french currency exchange guy. he tried to bargain with me on the prices....
-andrea almost got mugged her first few hours in france. i, however, was asleep at the hotel.
-could barely (well, couldn´t at all) open our hotel room door. luckily, muscles andrea came to the rescue

-maybe i´ve watched too much little house on the praire, but i sure felt like Laura when i had to climb up a ladder just to get to my bedroom (remember....this is with all our luggage)
-went to the top of the highest point in the Swiss Alps
-Andrea got to kiss a tall, dark, and handsome Swiss chef.
-got a sunburn hiking in the alps. (what´s THAT about??? and strangely, Switzerland has been the warmest place)

-almost went hang gliding in the austrian alps
-visited the real Cinderella´s castle
-stood in two countries at once! i hiked from germany into austria, and got my picture taken with one foot in each border
-rode my first Alpine slide (called a Luge)
-got reprimanded by the mean german Luge worker for riding it too slowly
-accidentally tried to pay for hot chocolate in Germany with British pounds that were left in my wallet from 2 years ago

-walked more miles in this past week than i have in my entire life. (and it was all uphill)

that´s all for now.....we´re off to Venice in the morning!

by the way....all you CCC folks: why can´t my email work?!? I feel so alienated, alone, helpless, empty....what´s a girl to do in the Alps if she can´t check her email?


orangejack said...

Sounds like you're having a great time! That's awesome! Thanks for the updates.

As for email, I dunno what the deal is. Sorry.

Patricia said...

You don't want to check your email anyway. Enjoy your vacation without work stuff.

Anonymous said...

The Alps...I'm jealous! They are on my life-to-do-list. Thanks for the update. I've been praying for you girls. Have fun!!!!!!!! -Jess

Anonymous said...

I see your up to your usual crazy antics. Only you would get reprimanded for riding to SLOWLY on a luge.

I have to ask... Did the french cop glare at you BECAUSE you neglected to notice their national monument??

Well i confess im 'hecka' jealous of your great adventures in Europe. though I've been having my own adventures in Charelston.

have fun and keep us updated!!

Anonymous said...

SO GLAD you girls are having fun! I can't wait to hear all of your traveling stories when you get back. Give Andrea a hug for me!
Miss ya,