Tuesday, June 7, 2005

the WC (water closet)

Did you know that shower curtains are a luxury in Europe?

My new European budget goes something like this: if we sneak past the guard in the restrooms and skip the 50 cent bathroom charge, we can afford more gelatto!!!

In Venice, the land of the supposed romance..........our bath towels are tablecloths. when i step out of the shower, i expect to find a candlelit dinner and steak.


Anonymous said...

My favorite was banana gelato! So yummy!! Watch out for all those pigeons in Venice.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about the towels! It was the same way in Florence. I called the hand towels pillow cases. Mmmm...gelato! I loved the coffee gelato. Glad you're having fun...Casey

Jeremy said...

I'm glad you've got access to internet while on your vacation so you can keep the rest of us informed about all your crazy and wild exploits and excursions throughout that grand continent. Keep having fun, and try not to give Americans too much of a bad name! ;P j/k