Saturday, August 20, 2005


i've seen it all. tonight, i watched this i'm-so-independent-i-wear-striped-men's-pants-with-a-metallic-chain-with-oversized-earrings-and-chunky-hair of a girl walk into Starbucks carrying a snake and a can of V8. her friend had a snake wrapped in her hair.


Amanda Lomonaco said...

I don't get the subject? What does livid have to do with anything? Perhaps I am getting slow the longer I am home with baby. I always used to get you. Sorry.

Jeremy said...

I was actually wondering the same thing. I can understand how such a sight would be disconcerting, but you lost me when you chose livid.
I guess the sight of Medusa made her extremely angry. Maybe it's a family feud that goes back many many centuries.

karin said...

since you didn't get this subject line, tell me if you get the next one.

as for two have obviously never seen me around a snake. i'm deathly afraid of the creatures--even wooden ones. needless to say, i was FURIOUS (or LIVID :-) when the creepy girls waltzed in.