Sunday, August 28, 2005


i always knew i was slow at making decisions and this weekend confirmed it. last night, i spent two hours at Target. and we're not talking a Super-Target meet-all-your-shopping-needs excursion, either. no, this was a simple 10 item trip to Target in oviedo.

item of greatest decision making agony: conditioner.
before even heading to the shampoo & conditioner aisle, i gave myself a pre-defined set of bottles to choose from. i would only buy Suave. but what's up with them having like 9 different fruity scents?! and then we've got the whole Suave Professional series where each scent compares with a more expensive brand. how am i supposed to know today what i want my hair to smell like for the next 3 months until it's time to re-stock? i think they should start selling conditioner variety packs.

bottom line, it took me ONE HOUR to pick out conditioner.

and i still can't decide if i like the smell.


rob said...

that stinks

Patricia said...

It took you ONE HOUR.

I say stay away from the fruity smells, it'll make you hungry.

Jon said...

haha sounds like me trying to choose a new deoderant. Luis came with me last time and nearly had a fit because of how long i was taking. i didnt take an hour though. ;)

Amanda Lomonaco said...

It is to be determined as to whether I get this subject or not. Here's a suggestion for you. I just keep several different shampoo and conditioner combos in my shower at once. I alternate which one I use and they last me about a year and my hair smells different every day.