Wednesday, September 7, 2005


I had finished most of my bag of Triscuits at lunch when I looked down and saw hordes of ants crawling around in the plastic zippy bag. The worst part is that i could feel them crawling in the back of my throat.


Jen R said...

i'm sure that the ants crawling in your mouth was all psychological. ya know like hearing the words "head lice" makes you want to scratch your head.
if not, at least your on your way to fear factor.

Anonymous said...

after you swallowed the ants, did you hit your stomach so you could kill them quickly? DC

Patricia said...


Jeremy said...

Did you ever used to eat 'ants on a log' as a child -- celery with peanutbutter topped with raisins? They were actually pretty good. However, I think you took it one step too far.

There was a reason the childhood ants were only raisins!

Anonymous said...

How does this stuff always happen to you? LOL!!

Patricia said...

Blog more, blog more, blog more!!!