Sunday, August 28, 2005


tonight, i made a batch of banana bread. except instead of putting in 1 cup of sugar, i accidentally put in 1 cup of salt.

the kitchen is so not my kingdom.


Patricia said...

I think either Rob or I did that when we were first married. We put way too much salt than called for in chilli! It made us really thirsty!

Jon said...

what i want to know is did you realize what you'd done BEFORE or AFTER you baked the bread? hehe

Brian said...

That reminds me of the time we made my mom's birthday cake and forgot baking soda. Instead of having a two layer cake, it was more like a two layer pancake.

Anonymous said...

Just put an S on it! LOL!!!

Barbara said...

How did you mistake salt for sugar? I keep the salt in the salt box it comes in, but the sugar in a glass container.

Did you taste the bread? :)