Sunday, October 16, 2005


i went to north georgia this weekend and tasted my southern roots. granted, i'm a native floridian, but i know i've got georgia in there somewhere. there's a chick-fil-a off every exit of I-75 and grits and fried okra are part of the food pyramid. plus, overalls are always in fashion.

to celebrate, i just finished the first chapter of Gone with the Wind.

and here's an interesting tidbit i learned off an oh-so-credible book review: Margaret Mitchell (the author of GWTW) wrote it when she was 26, which incidentally is the same age that many other people perform their greatest achievement. translation: i have 14 months to complete the single most important contribution i can give to society.

and i'm spending my precious moments blogging.


orangejack said...

so what do you plan to do?

Jeremy said...

Typically, most people are only 26 years old for 12 months. But if you can pull it off for 14 months, all the more power to ya! Hey, maybe you can share that secret with the rest of the world as your gift to society.

:P I'm not dumb, just annoying. Heh heh.

Oh, and I'll be calling you on 12-13-06 to see if you were successful in performing a great achievement! I call it "keeping you accountable". Good luck, time's a tickin'!

Anonymous said...

You've depressed me, a fruitless 28-year-old.


Amanda Lomonaco said...

Frankly, Karin, I don't give a damn. I think that you've accomplished plenty of important contributions to society already. You bring laughter and light to the world and are a good and loyal friend. And GWTW is a waste of life if you ask me. I actually really enjoyed watching all of it, but was sorely disappointed with the ending. Was that what I watched this four hour epic for?! Well, fiddle-dee-dee!