Friday, October 28, 2005


love it, love it, love it. l-uv it.

all this emotion, and i don't even like Kirsten Dunst.

for those of you not in the know, go watch this movie! it's incredible. incredible in that quirky script, fantastic soundtrack, appealing visual cinema kind of way. If you like Garden State, you'll love Elizabethtown.

If you didn't like Garden State, start watching movies with Andrea.


Amanda Lomonaco said...

Wait, can you stay awake watching movies now?

Jeremy said...

As soon as I saw the trailer on for this movie, I knew it looked amazing. I'm glad it's proving to be as good as the trailer lets on. I only wish I was able to see it too. I know it's still in the theaters and all, but I never seem to go to the movies anymore. I haven't been since Batman, and that's already out on DVD now.

I really want to see that movie though, as I can prove from my previous list of upcoming must-see movies in which I listed Elizabethtown. However, I have to see Everything Is Illuminated first, which is only playing at the Winter Park Village theater and stars Elijah Wood. It looks really good too, but I can't recommend it as of yet, since I haven't seen it.

Jeremy said...

Oh, one more thing. Thanks for the promotion -- I see I'm on your sidebar now! I feel so special.

Now where's my golden star sticker for my forehead as a reward?

breese said...

humph... I guess I needn't invite you to any movies but, Andrea is always welcome :)

annette said...

Hey Karin! Long time no talk! I absolutely loved this movie. I'm thinking of going to see it again this weekend!

Patricia said...

I was thinking of seeing this movie until you mentioned it was like Garden State, which I thought was totally boring and depressing. Oh well.