Sunday, October 9, 2005


my coupon-cutting satisfaction score hit an all-time high tonight. the record? i saved a whopping $22.94 at Publix!

i even called 3 people to celebrate in my victory.

all my calls got screened.

never the one to let my victories go unnoticed, i'm blogging for all to see. you can't screen this! HA!


Jon said...

DUDE!!! Thats amazing. The other day i saved $5 at publix and was so stoked I told my friend Josh. How in the world did you save over $20???? Thats like impossible.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

You should shop at Albertson's. They have their Preferred Savings broken down on the receipt as well as a place for manufacturers coupons. Between those two and my entertainment book savings, I saved around $40 once! I love it!! Congrats, Karin. I wouldn't screen your call, by the way.