Monday, February 27, 2006


a blog podcast from me to you


Anonymous said...

I get the general impression that Zach is a lot of fun, and that you both have a lot of fun together (as friends only?)

That being said though, that was kinda jerky of him to list the top 5, no 4, no 3 things that would have been more fun without you. Then the one thing that was actually fun was with someone else.

So is he not bright enough to think that maybe the list (and mistake) would be hurtful to you, or does he just not care?


Jeremy said...

I feel like I should leave a comment on the other journal, since that's where the file is located... but I don't know Zach so I'll return here again and leave my words for you.

You two should definitely do monthly (or even weekly?) installments of those SweeTome audioblogs! (Btw, I just ate at SweeTome-atoes today for lunch, coinkydink?) I believe everything in there was done in jest and for fun, so I don't think it should be taken as seriously as Michael took it. Those memories were absolutely hilarious, although I definitely cracked up when he goes -- "Oh, wait, that was Robin. Scratch that!" He seems very absent-minded... just like you! :) The dancing thingie reminded me of Elizabethtown though, dontcha think? Dancing on the side of the road by your car; and I could SO have pictured you doing that, but alas...

Anyway, thanks for creating an interesting few minutes for the rest of us, allowing us to glimpse into your wacky world. And yes, it is truly wacky.

Keep up the audioblogging!

Anonymous said...

I have laughed and laughed,though Zach could stand to be SWEEter. You two are funnier than any talk show I have tuned in on lately.
Audio more often!
wow-upside down!

Anonymous said...

You guys always make me laugh! Gotta love witty banter!