Wednesday, February 8, 2006


People say the twenty-somethings comprise the Seinfeld generation. Given this IM conversation today, I'd have to agree.

And zach, that should make hit #34 to the ol' podcast.

(11:42:34) karin: i've got this friend here who I think is your twin
(11:44:01) matt: people always tell me this. ok, not always. but my friend Nicole says her brother is the non-me version of me. and this was confirmed by our mutual friends who've met him.
(11:44:11) matt: (your friend doesn't, by any chance, have a sister named Nicole?)
(11:45:01) karin: no, but he has a nephew named Ocean
(11:45:51) karin: i think you sound alike
(11:46:00) karin: you can hear his voice on my blog
(11:46:53) matt: ok, he's teaching 8th grade, which clearly isn't me. but his 'what have i been reading lately' is sort of me.
(11:47:32) karin: listen to his voice! that's your voice!
(11:47:45) matt: this isn't Zach the husband of TMA-person Zach? that's totally not my voice.
(11:48:02) karin: no, this is a new zach
(11:48:12) karin: and that's totally your voice
(11:48:15) karin: go listen to your voicemail
(11:48:47) matt: my voicemail pulls down mad kudos all the time. this is not a voicemail-kudos voice.
(11:49:01) matt: he sounds like Harry Connick, Jr.


Jon said...

so even though this whole conversation is about matts voice I still read his voice like george on Seinfeld.

This conversation is sooooo much funnier when you read it that way... Thinking of George screaming matts lines in his high pitch whiny voice.

(sorry matt i really have no idea what your voice sounds like i just had to read it in the funniest way i could think of.)

orangejack said...

haven't I read this before? ;-)

Zach said...

Harry Connick, Jr huh? That's a new one. I'll have to tell Andrew that he was wrong about the Ben Affleck/Ben Stiller thing.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Not funny.

Anonymous said...

Totally not funny.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Just because you had a "not funny" post doesn't mean that you shouldn't blog again. I miss your blogs, funny or NOT.