Monday, June 26, 2006


sorry for the blogging vacation. i've been enjoying a caribbean cruise and a trip to hawaii. (rough life). in fact, i'm still here, basking in the hawaiian breeze.

trip highlights:
  • visiting the USS Arizona memorial
  • swimming with sharks
  • going to a luau
  • getting lost in the world's largest maze (Guinness record winner 2001)
  • hiking to the world's most beautiful power lines
  • walking around the swap meet
  • sunset on Waikiki beach

Stories to come later. And pics.



Jess said...

sounds like you girls are having a lot of fun! I can't wait to hear all about it!

annette said...

i am so jealous! soak in some sun for me:)

Jeremy said...

Ah man, that's the life I'm talkin' 'bout! Sounds like you've had a great time, and you've hit all the fun highlights as well. When you get back, we definitely have to swap vacation stories!

Anonymous said...

So are you tanned or burned?

- john said...

While you're there, make sure you get some macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup!