Tuesday, July 4, 2006

flying America West

Setting the Scene: The gate attendant has called for certain rows to board. The plane has almost entirely boarded already and there are exactly 3 people in line, in this order: (1) curly haired guy (2) Karin (3) Andrea.

Curly haired guy: [hands boarding pass to lady]
America West attendant: [loudly] "I'm sorry sir, but this is group 5. We have NOT called your group to board yet"
Curly: "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't notice." [then steps aside] [Karin marches forward]


America West attendant: [walks to intercom, pulls down walkie-talkie and announces] "We are NOW boarding groups 4 AND 5"
Karin: [tries to hand her boarding pass, but is motioned away by controlling American West attendant]
Curly: Re-hands lady the same boarding pass from 3 seconds ago and then walks on plane.
Karin (to America West Attendant): "Um....did that really just happen?"
America West nazi: [none too pleased]


KTown said...

I swear...your life is like a movie! haha...I love it :).

Jeremy said...

You never fail to make our lives seem normal and simple in comparison to yours.

Amanda Lomonaco said...

I just flew America West, too. We were delayed in Phoenix for 30 minutes (couldn't even board) because they were "missing" a flight attendant. It made my already late departure even later and I didn't get home until almost midnight. They seemed very second rate, the planes made strange sounds, unnerving alarms were going off, you had to pay $5 for a little sandwich. Glad that we both made it to our destinations and home again!

annette said...

wow, sounds like that scene from "meet the parents"...

Jen R said...

i'm just happy that you had the guts to say something. i would have been stewing quietly