Monday, September 11, 2006


I'm in Budapest, Hungary. That's in Eastern Europe, for those (like my sister) who can't find Hungary on a map. Europe is also the large continent to our right.

In 48 hours, i've noticed no less than 5 people with broken arms. It's somewhat of an epidemic here. Also, my food is always covered in paprika and cucumbers are hidden in every meal. Plus a single tomatoe slice.

I actually haven't seen the city yet. It's a work trip, so I'm doing the same stuff on a computer screen, minus the cubicle. Speaking of which, I learned there was a leak in the ceiling at work directly over my cube. I have bad luck.


Anonymous said...

The leak was no big deal. Got my cube too. There are two continents to our left - don't forget Africa! Paprika is good (it's just pepper) and broken arms are a sign of activity. That and clumsiness.

Enjoy the village there. It's a nice area. I don't have a lot of photos of it online yet, but I have some in case you never get out!

Anonymous said...

I think you should create a xanga site for the soul purpose of leaving the link to your blog on there. This will make it easy for me to then click on and go to your blog far more often than i do (since i always forget). I have too many sites now to try remembering everyone's links to separate blogs. Therefore, live for me and make my life easier. :)Maybe not the 'live for me' part...that's both wrong and weird.

The paprika and cucumbers sound fabulous. I want some.

And as Rob said, definately don't forget the motherland!

Looking forward to pictures and future stories.

Anonymous said...

So as I was reading your post someone with a broken arm walked in my office. How weird is that?!!

krustydog said...

Hey there~
I dont think it sounds like a lot of fun yet. I dont like too much paprika. Though i love cucumbers and tomatoes. Be safe, dont break an arm!!!!

Anonymous said...

You must LOVE Hungary. You love cucumbers and swear that paprika goes in every meal (maybe that's due to your cooking skills).

Anonymous said...

Hello there. I read your blog but you don't know me. You'll get used to how weird that is... I did.

So, what an interesting morning it was for me today to wake up, read your blog and see that you are in Budapest as I live in Hungary myself.

I was sorry to hear you are having a bad day.

It gets better.

Ps. Good idea on the location tip. Studies have shown that Americans tend to think Budapest is in Turkey. I can understand the mistake though as Eastern European secularism and Eurasian Islamic culture are exactly the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Budapest, Bucharest ....the great grandfather was from Bucharest, which is Romania, also on the other side of the pond.

Yes, be careful when you get out!

Paprika! That would be a colorful complement on avocados! Who knew?!

Anonymous said...

Are you having fun yet? You'll love the city!!!

Have you had the good coffee?? I wish I was there!

Unknown said...

rachel, xanga is of the devil! when will you learn?! :-)

You should do RSS. Go to and put in any website you visit. Then, it'll notify you when that website is updated! Wa-lah! (check because I'm pretty sure Rob has blogged about setting up bloglines)

Unknown said...

Hey Christina, thanks for commenting! And the paprika grows on you. (good thing i like it already)

Unknown said...


Szia! Hogy vagy? Koszonom (for writing on my blog)!!!!

you're officially the only person to read my blog and still be in the same time zone. congrats.

thanks for reading! And how did you discover this blog?

Unknown said...


One more thing....any can't-miss things while i'm here in budapest? what do you suggest i do?

Anonymous said...

Re the leak: consider it good luck that you weren't under it when it started.