Thursday, October 19, 2006


i've got my new plastic specs and now i can see everything. it's quite distracting, really. street signs, plaques on the wall, the mail, you name it. i'm reading every blessed word. i'm used to seeing a blur instead of letters. now, i'm bombarded by language.

i like it.

this post is boring. welcome to my world, where the exciting news of the week is prescription lenses.


Anonymous said...

I used to wear glasses (before contacts) but I wouldn't wear them when I played volleyball. Once I got my contacts, I remember my first opportunity to spike. I went up, looked at the ball...and just landed. I didn't even swing. I was in awe because I could actually read "Spalding" on the ball and see the grain on it. I just didn't even swing because it was so amazingly different.

Jon said...

i didnt get glasses until college and i still remember that first day coming out of the glasses shop and being able to read signs. life. changing.

Jeremy said...

Glasses? Contacts? What are those? I've never had to wear them before. Welcome to the world of the non-blind. Now you're going to have to start paying attention to road signs and avoiding pedestrians while driving... I bet you'll find that there's a lot less speed bumps around than you think.

Anonymous said...

How come they don't make contacts that make things smell better or taste better?

michael said...

One of my ex-co-workers said that his doctor specifically gave him prescriptions that were slightly weaker than what he needed. The idea being that if the glasses completely compensate for your eyes' weakness, then your eyes aren't doing any of the work, then they get even weaker. If you have to strain a little or flex your eyeballs a bit to see, then they will maintain their current level (weak though it may be) of strength and flexibility and therefore not get worse.

He's had the same prescription for over 20 years, so there is probably something to it. It makes sense logically too.

I think Amanda's new doctor here does the same thing, and her prescription stayed the same for the first time, instead of increasing like they had every single time she visited the eye doctor in Florida.

If your doctor doesn't agree with this idea, then I would recommend getting a new one that does.

Unknown said...

Rob - you swing in volleyball? I never knew. what happened to the good ol' days when you bumped, set, and spiked?

Jon - i had a similar experience except i was 5. and it wasn't street signs, but the baptistry (i was a baptist). i never knew there was water in there. or plants. i never saw colors in church 'cause the baptistry and pulpit were too far away.

Jeremy - the speed bumps joke was killer.

brent - dunno, but VERY good idea.

Mike - those florida doctors, always upping the prescription.... Actually, what you say makes a lot of sense. the problem is that my vision is just going to keep getting bad with these dang cataracts. so i'll take all the help i can get.

Anonymous said...

Ande just got new glasses, too! He said he thought his eyesight would be a little worse than last time they were checked...but now his right eye is nearly legally blind. yikes! I knew things were not good when the doctor asked him to read the smallest print possible and he could only read the top (poster-sized print) line. The doctor turned and asked me, "You drive with him???"