Monday, January 8, 2007

kermit: part II

Update: as of 10:41pm, the frog is gone.

i am surprisingly sad.

in other news, my mom disapproves of the new blog look. plus, she does not like the links on the side. regular names demonstrate a lack of creativity, i am told. i know this because i received a voicemail detailing the critiques.

this is why i have a nickname of "editor karin" and am accused of being a blog snob. i get it honestly. but do not think this is a critique. i agree with my mom!


Anonymous said...

I sort of like the simple names, but before you respond, know that I fully acknowledge my inadequacy when discussing these issues.

Patricia said...

I'm not bothered by the change, but you keep changing your blog name. So I'm just going to put you as Karin on my blog. Hope that's okay.

Anonymous said...

i think variety is the spice of life, but you are wise to listen to your mom. let your creativity continue to be evident.

rachel said...

so when are you going to create a link to my blog? and don't give me that crap about a xanga not being a is. :)

karin said...

Doh! I can't believe I hadn't added you, Rachel. You're in now :)

and despite what you think, Xanga is NOT a blog.