Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Not that I am pining away for Mr. Right to come along, but after these past few days, it would have been nice to have him around. For starters, I have strong reason to believe I am victim #9383727 of identity theft. Which means I now have the pleasure of having recorded phone conversations with several banks, credit agencies, Equifax, and the Seminole County Sheriff. Thankfully, I have the greatest dad ever (I'm not joking) and a brother-in-law who looks after me so much that he's really a brother, that this whole messy ordeal is more annoying than, say, messy.

Nevertheless, back to my knight in shining armour. Besides this financial headache, I am certain there was a jar that needed opening and my hallway light is out because I remain exceedingly afraid of lightbulbs and so every time I come home the house is dark. And that is scary too.


Ariah said...


I felt just as special as you about my identity being stolen.

What a pain in the butt

Anonymous said...

You need me to come change your light bulb?

Lindsey said...

I was just going to make the same offer Patricia did! I live a bit closer so it may be easier for me. It will be like the time I taught you girls how to use a plunger.

michael said...

Really, it's probably better that you find Mr. Right after your identity theft. That way you can change your name and piggy back on his good credit (hopefully) too.

So, what part of light bulbs frightens you? The round ominous glowing part? The unpredictable and threatening zig-zaggedy filament inside? The sweeping and intimidating spiral metal base? Wow, now I'm getting scared too.