Wednesday, February 28, 2007

delayed update

The biggest news in my life is that Chick-fil-A reopens tomorrow. Also, i am on a first name basis with most of the Sonny's BBQ wait staff.

This is not exciting news. This is why I need a muse.

Look, I've turned into a poet.


orangejack said...

when i read it i thought at first it said mule.

now that would have been funny.

Lindsey said...

YAY for Oviedo Chickfila opening again!

running shoes said...

Interesting... are you planning on shunning your new found friends after Chick- fil-a opens back up?

Amanda Lomonaco said...

i miss sonny's!!

krustydog said...

You know the other day Jolene and I were going to go to Chick-fil-a but we went to Sonny's instead. So she went with her kids that night and Chick-fil-a was closed, I had no idea. YUMMMM i love you two picks. I almost chose Sonny's over Stonewood for my birthday.