Monday, March 5, 2007


Someone just sent me a 44 MB file and crashed my email. Now the real question....does it count as work time to wait for the download?

p.s. "someone" is not another word for my mom, although this is something she would do. but mom, you can crash my email anyday. you fill it up with pictures, but you're the best photographer ever. seriously. ansel adams has nothing on you.


Anonymous said... that one absolutely perfect daughter or what?! You made my day!

running shoes said...

your mom is so sweet! Yeah for Mrs.T!

Amanda Lomonaco said...

You are a pretty good daughter, you know. Friend, too. I miss you.

Let's talk (or better yet see each other) soon.

Hey, you want to join J and I in a women's marathon in San Fran in Oct. It is a beautiful city, one of my favorites!!