Sunday, April 22, 2007

Beginning of a Thai vacation

Thai culture is incredibly friendly and the women, particularly, love to serve. I never need to lift a finger and they love to give massages. I see why certain tall friends of mine are on the hunt for asian women.

This afternoon, Robin and Joseph and I decided to try out a nearby restaurant recommended to us by Mr. Pornchai. We ended up end the Love Boat Club. We did not stay for lunch.

Instead, we took a tuk-tuk (say that 5 times fast) (also, it's the picture to the right) to one of the many malls and I enjoyed my first Starbucks, Thai style. They serve banana frappucinos.
Back at the hotel, I got a pedicure. It was glorious. My pedicure was served with a mango and an orange that very much resembled a lime. The pedicure did not hurt, as it often does in the states. I attribute this to the fact that the ladies were Thai and not Vietnamese, as they generally are at home. That is my new theory.


orangejack said...

oh i get it now

Anonymous said...

Karin, Did you say not lift a finger? You are not coming back are you?

Jon said...

so are you saying that if i start looking for an asian woman that i should look for a Thai gal and avoid Vietnamese chicks?

krustydog said...

I am sorry I havent stopped by to leave somments until now. I am glad you are back safe and sound. See you soon! I am glad you weren't a drug mule :) hehhee

Anonymous said...

Great begining, you will like Thailand even more soon. Thailand is a country with wonderful beaches that are visited by people not only for sunbathing but they are used for diving as well. Besides in Thailand you can see gorgeous girls dancing traditional Thai dances, wearing colorful costumes and moving their hands and fingers in a fascinating way. Moreover, Thailand is the paradise of tropical fruit and the home of a multitude of mysteries related to the invisible world of the spirits.