Friday, April 27, 2007

Flying Korean Air

Dear Korean Airlines:

Flying with you was a pleasure. However, when faced with the decision between microwaved fish or seaweed paste soup for meal options, you place a girl in a very tricky position. Also,chicken flavored peanuts taste as bad as they sound.

But thank you for the warm towels soaked in lavender. It made the 15 hours on an airplane only feel like 14 1/2.



Anonymous said...


I found your blog somehow and have been reading it for a few weeks. This post is hilarious! Better still if you actually sent it to them.

Yay for travel adventures!

orangejack said...

I liked all the food on Korean Air. Except for the seaweed soup (not great on a plane or otherwise), nor the "sweet pumpkin porridge". I liked everything else.

Anonymous said...

Korean Air rocks compared to the US airlines.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see that you gave up the photo op for this blog and just gave us something funny. And funny it is.
Miss you much!

Anonymous said...

Okay, your post was hysterical. Keep up the good work! Your post led me to make up one of my own related to a recent Malev (Hungarian) flight to Turkey.

Dear Malev Airlines,

I'm told that landing on the right side wheels and tipping over insead of the back wheels first is technically considered a "failed landing".

For future reference, although kind, any apology after the fact only freaks the passengers out more.

Thank you.

Ps. Your note with the cute smiling pig guaranteeing that my sandwhich contained no pork products rocked! I like to be informed.

Jon said...

ahhh the joys of air travel.

Anonymous said...

Your blog entry and Brenda's response made me laugh audibly. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You had the chicken flavored fair--I had the shrimp flavored cheeto like thingys!

But the Staff on Korean Air Rocks!