Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wise and Otherwise, part Deux

Dear David,

You should know that I just spent the last 3.5 minutes cursing at you (under my breath, of course) because I could not find a link to my website from your page, and you know how we have gone over this before. I was fully prepared to write a flaming post at your expense. However, in your defense, I did find my blog. Yet, I hold this against you: I am blog link number 18. EIGHTEEN. Additionally, my grouping is neither with "Links" nor "Gateways", is neither "Wise" nor "Otherwise." Rather, I am Other. OTHER? I am appalled.

Granted, the title "Her Other Blog is Facebook" did make me chuckle.

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drh said...

Upon reflection, the folks at Wise and Otherwise felt that the “Other Blogs” epithet was, perhaps, a bit demeaning to those whose blogs were so categorized. As a result of your valued feedback, steps have been taken to improve the quality of Wise and Otherwise and to provide a more enjoyable experience of perusing to its readership.