Saturday, December 29, 2007

simple, but complicated

It's the night after Christmas and I'm sitting around the campfire with my high school friends. Smack dab between two people who used to work at Travel Country (and one who has literally lived for months down by the river in a tent in Alaska), I'm getting attacked by every outdoor allergen in what can only be compared to the Allied invasion of Normandy while everyone else is mucking it up like the Great Outdoors is something, well, wonderful.

I'm convinced "mucking it up" is the wrong phrase, but for the life of me I can't figure the right one out.

All of this -- friends, campfires, and wheezing -- is the perfect combination to contemplate the finer things of life. Things like, why do so many friends of mine love Travel Country and is there any man's name that starts with "E" that I find acceptable?

To the first question, I am still perplexed. To the second, quite the conversation ensued.

As campfire conversations often do, the topic turned to relationships. Is it really too much to ask for a guy to wear rolled sleeves, a satchel bag, be witty, cook, conquer the great outdoors, fix appliances, excel in finance, walk with God, have higher-than-average verbal skills, be clean, cultivate his artistic side, and have a good name? Please, I'm not asking for the moon here. Any old Joe, Mike, Brad, Will, or Matt will do. (Sorry, all Edwards, Enochs, Ebenezers, and Edmunds need not apply).

Of which the reply came from the only male representative who said, "Karin -- she's simple....but complicated."

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Anonymous said...

Ethan...Evan...Erwin's weird, but it could be kind of endearing...Elton, like in Clueless...that's all I've got.

Lindsey said...

it is absolutely the best description of you! Thank you Billy!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do love Billy's description! It must be added that at a later date when someone commented to Billy about all the hoops you have for a fella to jump through. Billy replied, "oh no, man, there aren't any hoops. He has to be all that up front!" :)

Amanda Lomonaco said...

What kind of man wears a satchel bag? Is that like a man purse? Interesting!

running shoes said...

i think satchel bag are more like a messenger bags.

what a perfect evening! and yes, it's true i'm an outdoor addict.
and Karin, i'm convinced that God has all these qualities in a guy He has made just for you.

by the way Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my fantastic friends!

Unknown said...

Casey, I love that Elton is like Elton in Clueless instead of, say, my buddy Elton John.

I am a fan of Ethan!! You should win a prize!

Erwin....don't think it could be endearing.

And Amanda, who doesn't love a murse. (man purse)

drh said...

I think you were looking for yucking it up.

And how do you feel about Ernest?

- john said...

you just described most of the guys at Lake Hart, yea verily, even most of the guys on staff.

Unknown said...

"Yea, verily"? Bringing back the King James are we? You are wrong.