Friday, May 23, 2008

the great catch-all blog

No need to tell you it's been a while. Here's the catch-up, in sum:
  • I am an amazing diet-eer. I have cooked (yes, coooked) grilled chicken & vegetable dinner meals, sliced my own watermelon, and purchased unsweetened iced tea. I read the nutrition labels and have had several conversations about organic food and farm-raised poultry. I am my own hero.
  • My current obsession is California Sun-Maid Raisin Bread
  • Being a first-time home buyer is one of life's cruel jokes
  • Tonight, I discovered that I have, in fact, had (and paid for) cable for the past four years. Ironically, I am moving in two weeks.
  • Six trips to wretched Eyeglass World and I still don't have my finished glasses. Yet, the doctor has not failed to comment each time on my "unusually strong prescription".
  • Tonight has been a night among nights for catching up with friends--phone calls to the far reaches of the earth: Uganda, New Zealand, and the great state of Delaware. Thank you, Skype, for making it all possible.
  • Finally, the $5 footlong is here to stay at Subway and I think that's newsworthy.


keithseabourn said...

Traveling internationally frequently teaches me funny stories. Over dinner last night, a friend shared about his friend (non-English speaker). One evening, he observed his friend drinking one Diet Coke after another. After the 5th Diet Coke, he asked what was going on. The response: "I ate way to much for dinner. I'm drinking these diet drinks to help me lose weight." I guess everyone has his or her personal diet plan!

Lindsey said...

FINALLY! a post. i have to say, karin, my days have not been as entertaining without your words of insight, but yet again, i feel a sense of peace and joy knowing you're back to blogworld.

also, what the?!?...did you buy a house? i think it's time for some coffee.

Brent and Darcy said...

The $5 a gift from God, like love, mountains, and the Lord of the Rings movies.

Jon said...

all that and you dont reply to my emails???? im hurt.

Jill said...

For real...did you buy a house?

And as for the nutrition stuff, I love talking about stuff like that. It truly is, "You are what you eat."

Amanda Lomonaco said...

Wait, you cooked?! Did it turn out ok, or is that the diet?! Glad that the salads didn't kill you. I really miss you. Call soon.

WOW-CAJ said...

I was afraid that 'hilarious' had left you with all of the home buying learning curves. When the deal is sealed, you have to give us a humorous take on all of it!
Cooking is in your genes. You just don't tap into it enough!
love you