Monday, May 26, 2008

scrabble anger

An Open Letter to Hasbro, Mattel, Parker-Brothers, and various subsidiaries:

Your company(s) has caused me much grief. How is it possible that regularized acronyms, such as AWOL, RADAR, and SCUBA are allowed in Scrabble and yet TV is not allowed? Granted, TV is not an acronym. Even still, you have created a host of two-letter (and, remarkably undefinable) words, yet TV never made the list. I am appalled. Scrabble should be a game of verbal prowess, not strategy.

The gauntlet has been dropped, oh Scrabbleonians.


drh said...

Nearly two weeks and still no comments – perhaps the rest of your readership is too timid...

Do you honestly mean to tell us that your vaunted verbal prowess was stifled by the illegality of using an abbreviation for television? Really?

Got any longer abbreviations you’d like to wow us with?

running shoes said...

I feel you on the letters!