Friday, December 12, 2008

on clothes and life

It's been a while since I've blogged. The most notable reason for this is that few blogworthy events happened. For starters, I had alternative Thanksgiving plans, so I had no need for a desperate internet plea for a date. Secondly, I've been cooking more, but with successful results. Just today, I whipped up a caesar salad for 6 in my cubicle.

But while my cooking skills have improved, my wardrobe is just as predictable as always. A big thank you to my longtime friend, Jen, for reminding me.
Karin: "I found the perfect dress!" (tries it on in the dressing room)
Jen: "Really? That dress looks nothing like you."
Karin: "Seriously? Why?"
Jen: "It's sexy."


Amber Rose said...

gurl, you ARE sexy! just embrace it. :)

~Praying Through Life~ said...

Is it black, red, or gray? Have you rotated your closet, yet?

Unknown said...

I rotated my closet on November 1, the beginning of the Fall/Winter season. Come on, Kelli, you should know this!

running shoes said...

It WAS sexy!... and you looked HOT in it.

Anonymous said...

hey sexy, inside shines to the out! ;) at least you CAN get a date for special events. my overprotective brother informed me i am not allowed to bring a date to his wedding! just me..! lol

Lindsey said...

for the record, i think you are HOT (wink, wink)

michael said...

Well, I'm not going to say that you are or aren't sexy, because it probably wouldn't be appropriate. However, I will say though that by an large it doesn't seem like you think of yourself as sexy. Which leads me to add the following two cents:

I read a German quote once, which when translated to English reads something like
"You are that which you perceive yourself to be."

In other words, if you think of yourself as sexy - then you will be. When you think about this for a second you realize that the people who you usually find the sexiest are not necessarily the best looking, but those that have an air of confidence about them. It's the people who think and act like they are sexy. They are often the ones that will catch your eye and make you give them a second glance.

And of course there are limitations to this, like I can't just perceive myself to be a super-genius, super-strong, etc. But there is a lot of truth to it in regards to your attitude, state of mind, and mirroring your own perception of yourself to other people.