Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm blogging more

Sometimes, organized religion produces stupid results.

PCA votes No on organizing a committee to study women's roles in the church

In other news, lack of facebook means more time for me to focus on things that really matter. Like painting my kitchen. And hallway. And ceiling. And dining room. All without that all-intrusive facebook. And all without missing a shot of the NBA Finals (please don't leave, Turkoglu. I like you).


drh said...

drh likes this.

karin said...

Wait...what do you like? Voting not to give women a voice? You chauvinist!

Matthaeus Flexibilis said...

What would you have hoped would be the result of such a study committee?

karin said...

Great question, Matt.

I think I'm just irritated that they decided not to do the study, thinking that it wouldn't be effective. In their view, people will still retain their same opinion on women's roles whether there is an official, re-looked-at stance or not.

Normally, I'm the first one to vote against forming committees, so you'd think i'd be pleased with the result. But it just seems like the PCA is ALWAYS forming committees for one thing or another, so to vote not to have one on an issue that is hotly debated, causes me to groan.

I'll admit it: it was an emotional response, not a well-thought out response.

Danielle said...

Did I actually read that right? The BCO?? OK, then. . If that's the book we're going to follow to decide the *little details* of church. Ya, enough with the crazy committees, people.

michael said...

Why would they need to study about what women are baking in the church (rolls - get it)?

Oh boy, it must be late.

Maybe they need more women in their leadership to help vote in favor of organizing the committee to study their rolls, er - I mean roles. I vote for Karin!

But wait, does the committee need to come first, or the woman/women in leadership? I think this is a chicken vs. egg question.