Friday, June 19, 2009


Dear Orange County Library System,

Can my books really be in transit for an entire week? I do live in the county, remember.

It might be time for a Kindle.


PaulF said...

Sorry, Karin. They made a pit stop at my house yesterday and dropped off 7 books. Guess they didn't have time to deliver yours.

Dear OCLS: Someone still loves you!

Unknown said...

You know what kills me, Paul? It's that I keep coming home to packages delivered to my neighbor. Yesterday, I was tempted to steal hers.

michael said...

You guys are just spoiled there! I mean, how many counties in the country even have a delivery service?

Jerry said...

If you added up the hours needed to earn the money to buy a Kindle and compared it to the hours you were consciously aware of waiting for a book from the library, would it justify the price of a Kindle? And you'd also have to include the price of each book, too. And you'd still be paying the taxes which would be used to deliver other good people those books you were no longer ordering.
Still feel bad about waiting?

Unknown said...

Hey Jerry, ever heard of Debbie Downer?