Sunday, July 19, 2009

going to colorado

I'm going to colorado on tuesday (for work, lest you think this is an answer to the previous post).
Here some details:
  1. I do not own a fleece. Name me one native floridian who owns a fleece. Name one.
  2. I'm still raising funds to go. Want to help? Sure you do!
  3. Why is CVS Pharmacy 24 hours, yet close at 10pm?


Anonymous said...

Oh Karin I am sorry to break it to you but native-Floridian Scotty has more fleece than anyone I know. He introduced me to fleece - and I'm from CA and MA. Weird I know. want to come to Edinburgh? Let me know! We do have a great guest bedroom with a working fireplace!

~Praying Through Life~ said...

Ummm...yup, I have a few fleece jackets and pull-overs. Stephen, born and raised in an African climate, has them too. You need to hop on the fleece band wagon!
What's up with the CVS closing at 10? So weird!

Amy Christmas said...

I own one fleece blanket and one fleece jacket and interestingly enough, they are both bright hot pink. It's kind of like I'm saying, "Take that Florida -- I love my fleece!"

Kathy said...


Kathy said...

Ohhh. He's from Iowa. I'm not even sure I know any other ones... was anyone really born here? :) do you want me to have my sister meet you at the airport w/ some clothes. :) only kidding! have a great time.