Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This date is significant because on September 9th, many years ago (we're talking elementary school and pigtails here), I received Christ as my Savior.

Today we celebrated my friend Luis' birthday, but in a way, it's my birthday too. Because when you decide to put your trust in Christ alone and not in yourself, you get new life. You trust Him for salvation. For acceptance. For value. For love. For significance.

It's not easy. It's hard to trust someone who isn't here in person. It's even harder to trust someone who lets my deepest prayers go unanswered.

But even in that, I can't imagine not having a personal relationship with God. The God who spoke the entire world into existence not only knows my name, but calls my name. I belong to someone. And when my birthday is coming around the corner and I'm pushing an age I never thought I'd face alone, the gift of belonging forever and ever to someone "who sees the depths of my heart and loves me the same" is the greatest gift a girl could ask for. And I didn't even have to ask.


rachel said...

I didn't know that! Awesome :) I don't know the exact day I accepted Christ...I should find out. Love you sister!

drh said...

[thumbs up emoticon] drh likes this.

Bonni said...

That's wonderful, Karin!!!!! Happy new birthday!

running shoes said...

I love you, my sweet friend!