Monday, September 14, 2009


The great problem with trying to be fashionable while at the same time shopping at JC Penney is that while in search for the perfect peep-toe heel for the office, their website directed me to this little find.

Why is this the new stereotype for women's work shoes?!

Curse you, Rosie the Riveter and the feminist revolution. Which reminds me......the ber months are in full swing. I am dreaming of wearing this apron while making pumpkin bread in my oh-so-bright lime green kitchen.


drh said...

You seem to have shopping on the, coupons, thrift stores...not really sure where to go with that...just an observation. Okay, this comment ended up being really lame. Will that stop me from posting it? No, it will not.

running shoes said...

I love that apron!
If you come visit, I'll let you make pumpkin pie in my lime green kitchen

Unknown said...

Oh Jen, I want to!

Judi-CAJ said...

Wow! When did it connect that aprons and kitchens go together? I am so proud of you!

kathy said...

i had that conversation at work yesterday. well, the one about women buying shoes that hurt or give blisters. it's a cruel world.

i love that apron. i am so into them right now.

we should hang out more. life is funny that way.