Saturday, February 6, 2010


On more than one occasion, I have been told I look like the following people:

Tina Fey

The Progressive Insurance Girl (not pleased about this one)

Sarah Palin

Tracey, my roommate's sister


running shoes said...

Ooooo! Yes! You have a beautiful face that looks like all of these ladies.

p.s. I think Tina Fey's hair would be a good cut for you.

p.s.s. miss you

drh said...

Well, if folks think you look like Tina Fey, then it’s no surprise that they also think you look like Sarah Palin. They were freakishly similar during the campaign season SNL parodies.

So tell me...have others said you look like the Progressive Insurance Chica? I have a feeling I’m responsible for getting that train rolling, and I’m sorry if it’s been a source of dis-flattery. (I just made up that word. Feel free to work it into a sentence today.)

Not sure whether this makes it better or earlier comment really had more to do with her personality. She seems quirky, fun and quick-witted. And every time I see her reaction to the “European Shoulder Bag” commercial, well...I think you could have her job if you wanted it.

And by the way, major kudos for including the umlaut in “Doppelgänger!”

Jen said...

Tina Fey for the win. I can see that. Especially in this picture. :)