Sunday, January 31, 2010

Updates because i'm lacking creativity

The results are in! I saved $148.44 in coupons and advantage buys this month. At the beginning of the month I bought a second subscription to The Orlando Sentinel, just for the coupons, and it has already paid for itself.

Wow. I'm bored reading this.

Let's try this one on for size: i've got homemade bread baking in the bread machine right now. Why does it cost $20 to buy the ingredients? How is this a savings?

You won't see any more updates like these in the future. It's a little too stay-at-home-momish. I don't want to start dreaming of a minivan or anything.


drh said...

I found this strangely engaging. What does that say about me?

kentk said...

Ok. The creativity you are lacking is the ability to get the coupons from your neighbor's newspaper in their recycling bin. :-) Much cheaper than the second subscription. You could also ask some of the guys in the office that get it to just read the sports to give you their coupon sections.

Anyway, I say dream of a purple mini-van and a soccer field to park it at. :-)

Kelli said...

Ya, it would be terrible to have such dreams.

DJ said...

Minivan's rule!

Kathy said...

do you put gold in your bread? I really cannot understand why this would be $20.

Anna said...

Ha! I was going to ask if there's was gold in your bread, too!

And as for saving money, that's just smart! I feel like I'm being robbed if I pay full price for anything anymore. The injustice!

WOW-CAJ said...

get rid of anonymous. It creeps me out.
There is a web site where you can get FREE coupons and circulars on Thurs and Sunday for the Orl. Sent.
I saw it this week, but alas, did not have them send more recyling my way.