Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On Censorship

Censorship has been on my mind recently. From controversy last week regarding a highly esteemed RTS/Orlando professor resigning after his views on Genesis 1-2 sparked fires among mainline evangelicals, to a comment I posted within my organization being removed today for its own controversial stance -- censorship is apparently all the rage.

Christians silencing Christians. Hardly a fulfillment of Christ's prayer for unity.

I'm frustrated that Christians are primarily characterized by what we are against. How might our world be different if we were characterized instead by what we would die for?


Bonni said...

I am curious about what you could have said that sparked such controversy. And in a similar vein ... I'm rejoining the organization in a month or so, Lord willing!

Russ said...

Curious too. What did you say!?

drh said...

I had a comment, but decided to censor myself.

Matthaeus Flexibilis said...

That's the fairest account of the Waltke controversy that I've read. However, I don't understand the last paragraph:

"As the story goes to posting on the web site on Monday morning it is clear that the desire to maintain peace has been achieved among the principal parties."

Is the author making a point about Knox/Coral Ridge/Waltke or Walkte/RTS/BioLogos and the church at large?

Anywho, I hope this controversy will spur reconsideration of the issue, both within RTS and without. I appreciate RTS's desire to be a confessional institution, which is good and right, but I don't think this particular issue should be a litmus test of orthodoxy, as the present controversy illustrates.

Enns is over the line, IMHO, since he denies a real Adam, but Waltke is still within the bounds of orthodoxy, as were other advocates of theistic evolution like Hodge and Warfield. Interestingly, The Fundamentals, the series of books from the early 1900s which outlined the sine qua nons of Christianity and gave its name to "Fundamentalism" (which has come to mean something different since then), allowed a variety of views on creation, including theistic evolution.

In any case, the silver lining here is that Knox wins since it lands a big name like Waltke and, considering the nature of the Waltke controversy and the fact that RTS-O found Waltke's views unacceptable, is moving out of the very conservative corner it has inhabited since its founding (my impression). That's good news in my book, and not so surprising with a wise young man like Tullian T. now at the helm.

As for you, Karin: Shame! Only post non-controversial comments.

karin said...

"I don't think this particular issue should be a litmus test of orthodoxy" -- Thank you, Matt. Thank you. That's the essence of my current frustration.

As for what I said -- as much as it flies in the face of my sense of justice, I'm going to follow the model of Christ found in Mark 15. My comment is still worth sharing, but I'm going to save it for another time when my blood is no longer boiling.

Scotty said...

Preach it Sister!!! PREACH!
I wanted to find a way to say something both supportive of you (Why are you not on TV already?) and in itself controversial (Women Preachers????... Gasp!).

Judi-CAJ said...

Why are you not on tv? THERE is a good question! You could definitely hold your own. We are silenced politically as well and unfortunately, we have done it to ourselves with the thinking that 'being nice' is in saying nothing. And look at the mess this country is in now.
Always say what you need to say. Just proof it first. .....funny for me to say THAT, eh?

Judy said...

Can we talk? I read it before it was removed--I didn't realize it had been.

Amy said...

I too would love to know what you said that was de-posted. Sooo disappointed my (am I correct in assuming that?) organization. Disappointed of course in RTS as well -- sent Waltke an email of support this past week. I go to church and am in a home group with...someone at RTS who is close to the situation. So saddened by what I've heard has gone on.

Russ said...

I am wrestling with the concept of censorship. Technical definitions not withstanding, censorship is not the real issue when what we have is a disagreement and choose to go different directions.

However, posting in a supposedly public forum and having someone else remove the content is indeed censorship.

I too censor myself all the time. That is a good thing. Having someone censor me doesn't feel so good.

Lindsey said...

not sure what to say...but i feel like i should applaud you. (applause!!)

Ingrid said...

Dearest Karin,

Okay, I would like to take you out to lunch again. I feel badly that I can't be more involved right now in so many things. So...I want you to know that you are incredibly gifted, intelligent, and insightful. I know I'm a boring almost 40 something but hey, I would love to hear how things can be made better and be a part of change for the good.