Monday, October 25, 2010

eye candy

I'm the proud owner of a new pair of fire-engine red smart girl glasses that were bought online, manufactured presumably in China, and shipped to me for the rock bottom price of $12.95.

Unfortunately the glasses are useless for driving, reading, and walking in narrow spaces because I was forced to sacrifice my vision on the altar of fashionable eyewear. You see (notice the vision reference), my prescription is stronger than what can be purchased from discount retailers, so I just chose the highest prescription they allowed, crossed my fingers, and gave them my credit card number.

Moral of the story: crossing your fingers is a useless exercise.


Unknown said...

Well... congratulations! At least your glasses are cute, yes? :)

Un Till said...
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Un Till said...

Hip and smart work up until the point you run into a lamppost.... Be careful.

drh said...

Nice post. Better if the photo had been of you. Perhaps another post is forthcoming?