Thursday, January 6, 2011

My five best decisions of 2010

So that I can sleep with a clear conscience tonight, allow me to state that I stole this concept (and blog title) directly from Russ Martin. If you don't know him, it means you probably don't live in Canada.

1. Coupon binder. I have a bright green binder loaded with coupons that I proudly lug through Publix every week. It's not embarrassing. Maybe it should be. But the Depression-era folks I shop with at my neighborhood store are pretty darn impressed by my reflection of "youth today." Last year, I saved $622.60 in coupons alone ($766.69 by shopping sales). I know this because I am a nerd and keep detailed lists.

2. Personal Development budget. I set aside money specifically for my personal enrichment and growth. I took a cooking class! Had a private lesson for swing dancing. Took two courses on Esther and Daniel, you get the idea. Essentially, I gave myself freedom to pursue things that inspire my soul.

3. Jazzercise. I'm mortified that I wrote it, but I would be lying if this did not make the list of best decisions in 2010. Jazzercise (hate that word) really does make exercise fun, oh-so-convenient (it's right after work in the next building), and it's free which means the $10 gym membership I was paying got transferred into a Netflix subscription and now I can tell you I have seen every episode in succession of Dick van Dyke for seasons 1-2.

4. The pencil skirt. 

5. Watch or read the news every day. Some of you may argue that The Today Show is hardly the news, but I beg to differ. I recorded and watched every episode M-F from 7-10 am and I can tell you that just tonight I took a Pew News IQ quiz and scored better than 96% of the public, which I attribute directly to the journalistic efforts of Matt Lauer.


drh said...

You’ve blogged more than me this year! (But that might be my favorite decision you’ve made in the early goings of 2011.)

Toothers said...

I am impressed karin. You have inspired me. I wish i would have kept up with "dance class". I have always loved that pencil skirt.


Unknown said...

I'm surprised that coupons still exist for groceries, haven't seen them here in years.

Kristina said...

So glad Jazzercise made your list. I know what you mean about the name. Did I tell you how I came to my first class? Saw the add for class, and thought, "Sounds like something from the 80's...maybe lame, but I'll try it." Immediately fell in love with it! Totally think they need a new name. I miss seeing you in class!! :) K