Monday, January 17, 2011

Why buying Ladies Home Journal magazine may have been a poor decision

Last week was long. The kind of week where the high point was having a gyno exam. That sounds dirty, but really it just shows how long and positively miserable this week was. And so, after having worked late on a Friday night and coming home to, well, no one and no thing, I decided to assuage my misery.

At this point, most people might have a beer or a martini. I bought Ladies Home Journal magazine.

Do you know the types of ads in Ladies Home Journal magazine? "StriVectin-SD because wrinkles and stretch marks bite." "COPD left me short of breath. Now I take SYMBICORT." "Just because the economy is stuck, it doesn't mean you have to be too. Colon Cleanse." "Getting a better group on Rheumatid Arthritis can start with this syringe." And my favorite: "For fast, long-lasting relief, deflate mucus. Mucinex in. Mucus out."

Which is to say, I'm not sure if my week ended on a high note or not. On the upside, I have three new (heart-healthy) slow cooker recipes and learned five ways to have a healthier bathroom. And for $2.49, you can have all this information too.


Ande said...

Karin! oh my goodness. you know, I used to SUBSCRIBE to that??? no joke. and no joke, the advertisements made me not renew. :)
sorry your week was a bummer!


drh said...

That sounds rough. I’m sorry, Karin. Sort of like with this story, I see humor in this, but somehow feel not quite at liberty to laugh.

Amber Rose said...

Gah! I hate weeks like that. Those ads sound horrific. ::shudder::

Amber Rose said...

p.s. -- whip up this little home remedy and enjoy!

Christina said...

this is too funny! I miss reading these and you!

Christina said...

This is too funny! I miss reading these and you!