Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why facebook keeps me single

Tonight, I came home to the heart-sinking email notifications that I had been tagged on facebook no less than 27 times in high school pictures. (Technically I discovered this before I got home because I finally joined the 21st century and got an iPhone. I also have an iPad2. The Golden Rule of gloating: do it often. do it publicly. do it in parenthesis so people don't think you are gloating).

While I love my high school friends dearly, this little trip down memory lane in photo form has a reach of thousands, which is just another way of saying you guys sabotaged any chance of my future happiness!!! 

Here's my reasoning:

  1. High school friends know me and love me in spite of the way I looked back then
  2. All my good guy friends from high school are married
  3. If I do end up marrying, there is a high probability that the guy is (a) already my friend on facebook or (b) will be my friend on facebook
  4. The family photos and yearbooks never come out until waaay into a relationship! Not now, people. The cat's out of the bag. I'm screwed!
On the upside, the photos weren't that bad. In fact, I'm even contemplating going back to wearing contacts (who am I kidding? way too much work) or chopping my hair for a sassy look. There was one picture where I had short hair and frankly I took a double-take on myself. (um, creepy, karin). 

So there you have it. Specs or no specs? Short and sassy or long and, well, a ponytail?


~Praying Through Life~ said...

You're welcome for your haul down memory lane...but You're even MORE welcome for me playing the part of sifting out shallow men that wouldn't love you for you (and what you -WE- all looked like some years ago) =0)
PS. Contacts no (because I love your glasses) Hair, yes (because you can pull it off, nicely!)

Jen said...

"Do it often. Do it publicly. Do it in parentheses so people don't think you are gloating."

This is why your blog makes me happy, Karin. I love your humor! =)

I guess one of the perks of being a reclusive homeschool kid is that those photos won't surface unless I endorse it. But really, does anybody look good in high school pictures?

I like your glasses. They're cool and smart. But I could totally see you with short hair. If you're gonna go for it, do it now before summer makes Florida hot and gross!

(conversely, I was thinking about growing mine out again, just to see if I can. But this is the worst time of year for that.)