Thursday, March 24, 2011

stolen habits

It's been a while and I'm desperate to write something light and unimportant to get my mind off the heaviness of tsunamis and radiation, the near universal experience of death, piles of work, and frankly, Charlie Sheen. I'm sick of him.

And this is why I can't wait for William & Kate's wedding! (Yes I did have a picture of him in my high school locker).

So, without further ado (adieu?), I leave you with my Top 12 habits I stole from other people.

  1. Putting deodorant on after putting my shirt on. Brilliant. Goodbye white deodorant stains. (learned this from Andrea.)
  2. Coupon binder. (straight from Kathy.)
  3. Using my forearm (elbow to wrist) to measure for an easy way to calculate feet. (Thanks, mom! And apparently Leonardo da Vinci).
  4. Always round up in the budget. (that's you, Paul).
  5. Comet. (and I'm writing this on a Thursday night, Beth :)
  6. Listening to the "Wicked!" station on Pandora (stole this from a girl who I don't even know but have somehow gotten swept up into her little blog life and she recommended it. Her name is Julie. I sound like a stalker.)
Okay, I'm running out. And this is sounding lame. So I'll leave you with 6 habits that are distinctly mine:
  1. I never get on an airplane without having gummi bears or a gummi snack.
  2. I put the full date (month, day, year) in the top right hand corner almost every time I handwrite something.
  3. I like to be completely packed two days before any trip.
  4. I put on English subtitles whenever I watch movies.
  5. I give up really close to the finish line.


drh said...

That last part made me LO

a&b said...

When I read your sentence describing the post's topic, I wondered if I would make the list. :) You did not disappoint! I'm so glad that my Comet use made such an impression on you. I'll never forget when you gave me some for Christmas.

a&b said...
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Anonymous said...