Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Call me Mary Ann

In the Harold Camping spirit of prophecy and doomsday, how can we not forget that fateful voyage back in 1964. The voyage of the S.S. Minnow. 

(Fact #1: I am using "Harold Camping" so that I appear in more Google search results. I am coy and cunning like that. Fact #2: I don't know if this will work.)

It just-so-happens (fate, perhaps?) that I am teaching high school Sunday school on the major and minor prophets. Because this huge, gigantic, large portion of the Bible is rarely taught, I decided to write a song with a catchy tune so it would stay with us. Forever. And I made those poor high schoolers sing it. Out loud. For the past two weeks.

And so I entrust my song to you, dear Google, without a copyright, on my poorly designed website. Sing it to the tune of "The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle." See the connection now?

Ode to the Prophets
by Karin Tome
(to the tune of "The Ballad of Gilligan's Isle"

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of Israel
That started with King David, and his mighty throne.
He set up camp in Jerusalem and brought the Ark back home,
United the tribes, twelve in all, and all was right and well.
And all was right and well....

The good ol' days in Israel didn't end with Dave,
His son, wise King Solomon, followed all his ways.
He built a temple for the Lord, but much to his chagrin
His son Rehoboam, didn't fit right in.
He didn't fit right in....

His bad decisions cause the worst, the twelve tribes split in two
From one united Israel, hey now, look at you.
In the south called Judah, Jerusalem its own.
The northern half called Israel, the first in line to go
The first in line to go.....

Assyria attacked it first and caught them by surprise
Babylon came for the south, which led to their demise.
Surprised they were, but needlessly, for God had sent His voice
Fifteen men at different times, giving them a choice
Giving them a choice...

At first a call to repent, "Come back to the Lord!"
But since they didn't heed the call, they fell to the sword.
The people cried, "Messiah, come! Fix our broken mess"
In restoration you will see, Christ fulfills the rest
Christ fulfills the rest.....

Under the Assyrians, the prophets brave and true
Spoke to the people in the north, that's Israel to you.
Amos, Jonah, Hosea, but wait, that's not all
Micah, Isaiah, Nahum, proclaimed a coming fall.
Proclaimed a coming fall.....

Later the Babylonians, took the South right on
The prophets came to Judah, and Jerusalem was gone.
Ezekiel and Obadiah, Habakkuk and Jeremiah
They said defeat would surely come 'cause God is not a liah
God is not a liah...........

Finally in later years, restoration came
In these prophets, hope would come, Christ would be his name
Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi and Joel
The Testament had finally closed, what we call the Old
What we call the Old.........


Unknown said...

Bravo. Honestly, I can still name all the presidents thanks to my 4th grade teacher and the little song she made us sing every day. But you got high schoolers to do this? That's awesome. They'll remember you forever. :)

Ps: love the new blog title. Yay for fake domain names!

Brent and Darcy said...

Excellent work. Now, every time I see you, I'm just going to randomly throw in "God is not a liah."

drh said...

Karin, it’s a pleasure to see you turning out quality work in blog form again.

Unknown said...

AGAIN?! You imply that I stopped......

Russell said...

As far as I understand copyright (which is not very far), you have the copyright for anything you write. This is granted according to the Berne Convention (link below).

Of course, since you announced in this post and in a previous one that you do NOT hold a copyright on your blog writing, you may have abandoned these automatic rights.

I hope that makes you feel better.


Judi-CAJ said...

you should never give away what you write. It is 2 AM and I have gilligan's song in my head. Thanks! Now go forth and create some more!

Un Till said...

Every RTS student should have to memorize and sing in order to graduate.

drh said...

Karin, I discovered that May 25 (or thereabouts) is when I annually lodge formal complaints that you aren’t blogging enough. Think of it as a tradition. Sort of.



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