Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Daily Casey: the fiction edition

Trial day 19 / day 8
First, an introduction by Sir Walter Scott:
Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.
Here's a life lesson for you: if you lie to the wrong person, like a police officer, you will be recorded and then millions of people will hear your lies and talk about you on twitter. Also, you may go to jail for life.

Another life lesson: if your dad ever compares your family to a hand (he is the strong thumb, the mom is the index finger always pointing in the right direction, etc.), perhaps don't switch it and say your mom should be the middle finger. That's just mean.


running shoes said...

I'm so uninformed... I don't even understand the defenses strategy... are they still going with the accidental drowning?

Unknown said...

You mean my blogs aren't informational enough?

It's accidental drowning + the father helped cover it up and the reason for all the lies is because of childhood abuse and she was taught to hide from an early age. Blah blah blah.

drh said...

Wait. So this is “the fiction edition” because you began with a quote from an author who has written fiction? Did I miss something?

Unknown said...

Yep, you missed it. Put on your thinking cap and try again.

drh said...

You’re turning into the Don Rickles of bloggers.

running shoes said...

Informational? A little.

Cryptic? Definitely.

Judi-CAJ said...

But hold on here. I thought she was proving that she was a mental case and was going to walk because everyone should feel sorry for her and the lying is not her fault. I think it was George (Bush's) fault.