Monday, June 20, 2011

The Daily Casey: the I'm making a prediction edition

I love Florida. I love that we get more air time than an Iowa caucus for a presidential election. I love that lightning strikes here more than in any other state. And I especially love that the legendary actor, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, filmed a classic drama Walking Across Egypt in my hometown of Windermere.

In the State vs Casey Anthony, I am pleased to rest solidly on the side of the State. I've watched my fair share of courtroom dramas ("You can't handle the truth!"), and although I've never been to law school or set foot inside a court, the prosecution is one fiercely capable team. They have convinced me, beyond a reasonable doubt, of three things:
  1. Caylee Anthony is dead
  2. Caylee Anthony's death was caused by Casey Anthony
  3. Casey Anthony decided in advance to kill her daughter Caylee
But thankfully, the judicial branch of our government does not rest on a jury of one. And truth be told, if I were sitting in that juror seat, "beyond a reasonable doubt" would take on a whole new meaning for me. My vote would seal her fate. I would want to be as confident in my decision on Casey as I am that wearing a tweety bird swimsuit to Wet 'n Wild in 9th grade was a monumental mistake. Monumental.

In any case, it's not up to me. It's up to a unanimous decision from a jury of twelve. And with that, ready for my prediction?

I think justice would be manslaughter (a lesser version of murder, which is what the state is going for) but I think reality will be an acquittal. What can I say? I'm a student of history.

And being a student of history, I would be remiss if I did not mention the greatest injustice ever. An innocent man put to death and I, the guilty one, set free. Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ--out of his deep, deep love for you and for me--chose to take on the punishment from God that we deserve so that we could be part of his family. In a word, he showed us mercy. Incredible mercy.

If you have never felt the love of God before or if you don't know if you are in his family, please talk to me! Seriously. You have an open door, any time.

And now I leave you with one of my absolute favorite songs. I don't know the guy, so excuse his very large sideburns. He could be British.


rachel said...

Mrs Tome, do you by any chance have a picture of this tweety bird swimsuit?

Jen said...

Here I am, saying "wah I miss the Daily Casey," and you deliver! Not only that... you deliver 2 days before I told you! Like you KNEW! Wow.

And yes, Florida is awesome.

(I don't care what you say... your sentences are interesting. :)