Saturday, July 23, 2011

An attempt to escape the funk

I'm in a bit of a writing funk these days and that's an unfortunate place to be when you are trying to maintain a blog. But if I've learned anything from running these past five weeks it's this: it doesn't get any better. Let this be a sign unto you. This entry has already reached its high point and is rapidly plummeting.

Speaking of funks, I'm also in a book funk. I made it through four this summer but I have nothing good on the horizon. And I've learned that I simply cannot read books on the iPad. (Correction, iPad2. Love to throw that in). Even Will & Kate: a Love Story. (yes, I downloaded it). Couldn't do it. I like physical pages. And bookmarks. And the sound of a book closing. And by golly I hate the ding of a new email right in the middle of a paragraph and I have to lose my spot just to read it. And invariably the email is a severe weather update from the National Weather Service which tells me absolutely nothing concrete other than there are bad storms somewhere between Cape Canaveral  and Key Largo and I should probably stand in a doorway somewhere and turn off all electronics. But go to to find out more details.

You should know that if you live in Orange County, you can download eBooks for free. So, no. I did not pay to read about Will. Although he's worth it. But taken.

One more thing -- if you are one of the twelve people who has left me a voicemail in the past few weeks, I haven't listened to it yet. The way some people view getting a root canal is the way I view listening to voicemail. Or watching YouTube videos. Hope your message wasn't urgent.


running shoes said...

Dear Karin, come to Kentucky! There's lots to blog about here, but I'm doing it an injustice because there is no time in my day other than bedtime. Then I'm too pooped to do anything that needs access any part of my brain.

Jen said...

ha! I've found that usually when I blog about "the funk," it opens up ideas. I hope that works for you too. :)

Also, I am with you on the e-books. Can't do it. I've downloaded a few free ones on my iPod, but I can't seem to read anything above "Alice in Wonderland" level on a tiny glowing screen. it just feels.... wrong. Give me paper any day. (I am, however, jealous of Orange County's sweet library system.)

Judi-CAJ said...

Hmm, that explains why you missed a great dinner out, an art project to be delivered immediately, and the delivery of some much for voicemails!