Monday, November 21, 2011

Bad Christian Tweets and other Twilight references

Spoiler alert: Bella marries Edward.
  • I never want to see a vampire give birth ever again. Ever.
  • Is it me or did the venom and morphine scenes take you back to riding Body Wars at Epcot, circa 1989?
  • Jackson Rathbone, love of my life, what happened to your hair?
  • Chess metaphor. Explain, please.
  • Bella is possibly the worst girlfriend/wife ever. You only get to love, honor, and cherish one man in your life. Pick one.
  • I love a house with nice architecture and design, but seriously Cullen family, would having a set of curtains kill you? (answer: no. because they are vampires and immortal. duh).
  • Let's be honest, there's probably no good way to portray werewolves having a conversation with each other. Did James Earl Jones do the voice over? I'm sure of it.
  • None of the luggage had any TSA stickers on them. What a scam. There's no way this story is real!
  • Hate to recycle old material, but point 5 still holds true. Men (if you're still reading): the fitted shirt. the rolled sleeves. you had me at hello.
  • My favorite scene was toward the beginning when Emmett walked by carrying an entire tree
  • Incredibly grateful that "hold on tight, spider monkey" has not been included in any future films.
  • If I ever get married in a forest, Alice is so planning my wedding. Those white droopy things were gorgeous.
  • Swing music at the reception! 
  • Current reigning champion for Worst Christian Tweet about the movie: "The only Breaking Dawn I'm looking forward to is the Breaking Dawn of my Savior." 

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Kristina said...

You are so clever, Karin and so right on! Totally did not catch Emmett carrying the tree--that's awesome. And, I was totally cringing during the werewolf-talking scene thinking, "What in the world?!?" Worst scene ever. And you're so right about chess. How many scenes did we watch them playing chess in? Ugh. I miss you too! Hope to see you soon! :) Kristina