Thursday, November 10, 2011

How not to survive jet lag (a true story)

1. Go to sleep at 2:30 AM
2. Set alarm for 8:15 AM
3. Wake up at 10:00 AM
4. Lie (lay?) in bed until 12:15 PM
5. Put on coffee
6. Forget that you put on coffee
7. Eat two waffles covered in freezer burn
8. Drink the now burned coffee that you just remembered you made at 2:00 PM while reading a book about the Duggar's
9. Fall asleep drinking coffee and reading the book
10. Move to the bed and set alarm for a 15 minute nap
11. Hit snooze for the next 2.5 hours
12. Dream that you forgot to put it in your calendar but you have a trip--to Thailand--on Saturday
13. Wake up, famished, and post your failure of a day for all the world to see


Anonymous said...

oh dear.

Cheryl said...

lol I've been having the "I'm so tired I'm just going to sit here and rest my eyes for a few minutes...then fall deathly asleep only to be joltingly awoken by nothing" problem. here's my blog in case you haven't found it yet I'm following yours now!