Monday, September 20, 2004


6 ants have just crawled out of my laptop.

this can't be good.

shoot! make that 7.


orangejack said...

That bugs.

Jeremy said...

Wow, when most people say they've got bugs in their computer, they don't mean literally!

That's definitely a new one. By any chance do you have a bunch of cookie crumbs caught in between the keys or something? If so, they were probably just trying to clean up after you. Oh wait, they're the health conscious ants, so they'd probably leave the cookie crumbs and eat something like a sourdough English muffin laced with a hint of hemoglobin proteins. So next time you see them, you should thank them for being the mini-maids that they are.

Either that, or they are killer ants on the attack and they're trying to take over every stronghold that they can in an effort to conquer your apartment. It's so hard to differentiate between the two these days.

Anonymous said...

i vote for the commando ants. The were obviously trying to smuggle themselves into your apartment by hiding in your laptop.

an interesting side note is that we had ants in our apartment last night and so Luis decided to try your method of killing them with tape. pretty cool seeing them all stuck to the tape squirming about.


Jeremy said...

I guess you've got the modernized version of the Trojan Horse then. Tsk tsk, and to think you opened it up without looking it in the mouth first.