Sunday, September 12, 2004

slow learner

Things Andrea taught me in the past 20 minutes:

1. Using Windex on the bathroom lightbulbs probably caused them to burn out. Especially because I cleaned them with a paper towel. With the lights on. Then the towel burned.

2. No matter how often I flip a certain light switch, the fan will never come on.

3. That using Duct Tape to kill ants in the pantry is just weird.


Anonymous said...

Its a good thing you have Andrea around. I mean she makes sure you learn ALL the important lessons in life... such as where chickens come from.

Do you feel like one of Andrea's little students??

Jeremy said...

But wasn't it proven in My Big Fat Greek Wedding that Windex is the cure for everything? You can't be blamed for putting movie knowledge to use. Besides, the new orange-scented Windex makes for a great perfume AND it is a wonderful astringent and is possibly hypo-allergenic. Who knows, maybe it even cures cancer, but if not, at least you leave with a brilliant sheen that is to die for!

Just don't blame me if you start getting stung by countless bees as they try to pollinate.