Wednesday, September 1, 2004

small fish, small pond

13: the number of people, counting pass-on readership and just nice people at starbucks, who i really believe read my blog.

7: the number of people who i think consistently read this blog

2: the number of people who consistently read this blog, not counting myself, my family members, and those to whom i've begged with tears for this to be their homepage so i count it as a "hit" just because internet explorer opened up to it

hi mom.


Anonymous said...

i consistently read your blog when you consistently blog on it! haha and then i consistently post. or not so consistently.

one question... is your blog YOUR homepage???


Patricia said...

Ditto on Jon's comment.

Anonymous said...

Which category do I fit under?

Are we still friends if you're not my homepage? Is your homepage...because that's where all my personal thoughts are posted.

Oh yeah, you pay MONEY for a bi-monthly delivery of my "homepage." --Jess

Anonymous said...

I read your blog, but you have to remind me a few times by word of mouth. Gee, why don't you just tell me?